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Jack Hoban
Jack E. Hoban, MBA
Jack Hoban, MBA, business executive and author of The Ethical Warrior, is an expert on leadership, ethics, and cross-cultural conflict resolution. A Master Instructor in the Japanese Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial arts system, he served as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer and has been a Subject Matter Expert for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) for over 14 years. Jack has led over 500 workshops around the world on leadership and ethics, including the FBI, New York Police Department, and Chicago Police Department. He has been featured on NPR and the BBC.

Joe ShuskoJoe Shusko
LtCol USMC (Ret)
Joseph C. Shusko is a decorated veteran who served the United States Marine Corps for over 35 years. He is an accomplished aviator who spent the majority of his career flying helicopters. While serving as a White House Liaison Officer (WHLO) at HMX-1, he was designated a Presidential Helicopter Pilot under the Reagan Administration. In August of 2003 he assumed command of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Center of Excellence. He is now serving as the Deputy overseeing the Corps' Martial Arts Program. He is also a Stafford Sheriff Department volunteer Officer. He has taught "Values" throughout the United States and abroad. He has been instructing and participating in martial arts and physical fitness since the early 1970's. Joe earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Rider College. He is also a 3rd Degree Instructor Trainer in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

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Steve Olson
Dr. Steven D. Olson
Steven Olson, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, is a nine-time winner of Robinson’s top teaching award. An expert on ethical and adaptive leadership and innovation, he authored Shaping an Ethical Workplace Culture (SHRM Foundation, 2013). He served as a special ethics advisor to the U.S. Marine Corps’ officer’s academy, The Basic School, where his work was featured in USA Today and Newsweek.
Linda DiSantis
Linda DiSantis, JD
Linda DiSantis, is Executive-in-Residence at the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, where she teaches ethics, governance, and environmental leadership. The former City Attorney of Atlanta under Mayor Shirley Franklin, she is credited with restoring credibility and trust in Atlanta City government after the ethics scandals of the prior administration. She also served as in-house counsel at UPS, where she founded the ethics and compliance programs and as General Counsel of CARE, USA.

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